Let's get strategic with onboarding.

What you'll experience in this course:

The purpose of this course is to help you identify opportunities to impact your business through your onboarding efforts, and how to position those opportunities in a thoughtfully-designed business case to share with your organizational leaders and decision makers.
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What you'll learn in this course:

  • Identify your opportunities

    Recognize opportunities within your organization to leverage onboarding to drive tangible business results, while improving the new employee experience.

  • Engage your stakeholders

    Define and develop the components of a well-crafted business case that is tailored to your business and "speaks the language" of your company leaders.

  • Take action

    Gain leader support, then create an action plan to tackle your most impactful onboarding goals.

  • Make it happen

    With leader buy-in, use your data and resources to take action and develop a strategic onboarding experience that drives organizational and employee performance.

How this course will add value:

In your role, you likely have a unique vantage point to recognize a number of opportunities to impact the business through learning and employee development programs, including new employee onboarding. It might be instinctive to you to jump right in and move forward, or simply suggest it to your boss during a one-on-one or goal-setting meeting. While it's commendable to want to take action, doing so without taking the time to do proper research to confirm your assumptions AND gain leaders' support will only make your job more challenging, and potentially limit your progress and impact. Using this course as a blueprint for building your business case will help you consider other perspectives, including your leaders who speak a very specific "language" (more on that later!), hiring managers and the new employees themselves. Print out the resources in this course and mark them up. Pull in your team and work through the lessons together, if you like. Use it to build your influence skills and subject matter expertise within your organization. The most important thing is that you take action!

Course curriculum:

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With this 7-day trial, you will have full access to this self-study course and all resources, so you can work through content at your own pace, or even modify the framework to build a business case for implementing other talent development programs!

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Whether you are looking for leader support to develop your first formalized onboarding program, or to revise and improve your existing program, this course will provide you with everything you need to audit your existing process, identify areas of opportunity, develop a compelling business case and feel confident when presenting it to your organizational leaders.

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